Video Recording and Edition by Enzo Perin (Italy/Germany).

Sound tracks from Palaface the Nite Walker (Hamburg/Germany) at: (6.1 MB) (21 MB) (2.3 MB)

Sound track from Mark Speckmann (USA) at: (4.2 MB)  (7.2 MB)

Sound track from DiDa (Insbruck-Graz/Austria) at: (59 MB)  (7.2 MB)

Sound track from Johann Heyss (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) at:  (7.4 MB) (7.5 MB)

Composed, sung, programmed, arranged, mixed and produced by Johann Heyss

Keyboards by Raul Rachyd - 2005 (C) Johann Heyss

We will launch a compilation of the sounds on colors inspired by this videos in the Profile Intermedia ( in Germany in November with the proceeds being used to the life enhancement of differently abled children in India.

For including your impressions on the colors please use the original sound track and only self made or public domain samples.

For joining this venture, questions or suggestions please contact us at

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